Chinwag's Old Blog: Wi-Fi Meets Hi-Fi

Until recently Wi-Fi has meant enabling PDAs and laptops to go wirefree. That's all changing with the new breed of home entertainment centres that are using wireless' ability to shift bits without wires to the maximum.

At the whopping CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas - where else? - Samsung have unveiled their Wireless Home AV Center. A nifty bit of kit indeed comprising of an HDTV tuner, DVD player, digital video recorder and broadband connectivity all in one box. Quite handy, especially as with the wireless connection you can watch and control it anywhere in your home without cables everywhere.

They're planning two flavours, one for PCs and the other for more traditional fare like TVs. At over $1,000 I'll be hanging on until the price drops. With wireless intent on conquering the home, what does this mean for Bluetooth?