Light Year? Not For Buzz

Mobile Phone

It’s been busy. BuzzCity opened its first UK office and has just released the latest quarterly report on trends in the mobile advertising industry.

It shows that 74% of consumers use mobile for last-minute purchases, tapping into the ease with which products can be researched and compared online. Mobile vouchers and QR codes also play a role in linking the online and offline worlds.

Our research also shows a shift in what people are buying - not only digital entertainment products for their phones (video, games, music) but also physical products (clothes and electronics).

Shoppers use their devices to “browse and buy” – search engines and social media are a major source of information, along with 14% using review and comparison sites, and 17% relying on friends’ recommendations.

Consumer confidence in mobile commerce is at a high; just a year ago 27% of respondents had fears over payment security but the figure now stands at just 3%. The industry's campaign of consumer education has worked.

Combined with falling data costs and the increased capabilities of smartphones and tablets, mobile is now the first screen for many.

This means it’s more vital for marketers to put strategy before tactics and consider user behaviour in addition to multi-screen viewing when creating mobile campaigns.

Brands should acknowledge that consumer reliance has regional and national differences. Merchants need to understand these cultural nuances by localising content strategies and allocating resources accordingly.

Photo (cc) drp