Digg – the prototype for the future web

While having a browse online I came across this little belter - A Beginner's Guide To Digg on the Pronet Advertising blog. It’s two years old but hey it’s still pretty good. Even back in 2006 when it was it was in it’s infancy Digg were still pretty much ahead of the game.

For those uninitiated out there Digg gatheres the most popular websites online together in one place. It’s essentially where you can see what the world is “digging” online.

How you play the game is simple. You either “digg” it or you don’t. Topics on the site fit into seven categories – technolgy, science, world business, sports, videos and gaming. You submit stories that you think the community will like and stories with the most “diggs” make it to the site’s home page.

But what’s really interesting about Digg is that it’s become a blue print for what’s happening in the web today - a web that’s all about peer ratings, swarms of interest and the power of the crowd (although not necessarily its intelligence).

As digital’s great and good cite this as the future of web apps, get involved and show what floats your boat online. Oh and none of the rude stuff please.