Real World Usability podcast

Chinwag LiveThe best part of Chinwag Live is when the audience starts asking the difficult questions and there were plenty from the audience at last week's event, Real World Usability.

The discussion roamed across a broad spectrum of usability and user centered design issues including practical tips on how to work with personas and different ways to integrate user testing into production environments.

For those that couldn't make it along and those whose 'networking' afterwards has rendered their memory less than effective, the session was recorded and is now available in three delicious flavours:

For some different takes on the evening, these write ups from Tamlyn Rhodes, Martin Belam and Jim Calendar caught our eye.

Hope to see you at the next Chinwag Live: Micro Media Maze on 20th May in London, looking at the changes in the media landscape as content gets disaggregated into ever-smaller pieces.


The pictorial evidence of the event's user experience now up on flickr...