Ten deadly sins of the mobile web

Following on from the above post about last night’s Mobile Marketing shindig we’ve summarised the top design and content mistakes that companies make when they transfer their online site to the mobile web.

Worthy of bearing in mind, I’m sure you’ll agree:

1) Not environmentally specific

2) Ignoring limitations of mobile devices

3) Failing to exploit the possibilites of mobile devises - it takes calls, its a calendar, it contains gps – you can take advantage of all of these.

4) Dot com not for mobile – text must be compact, straightforward and give customers what they want quickly.

5) Using frames that don’t sit well on mobile – more portrait than landscape

6) Failures to test your site for mobile readiness -

7) Not making making your site discernable – must have guessable domain names – NY Times, Bravo – to encourage repeat visits.

8) Not actively promoting your mobile site – consumer must know about it if it’s to be successful. Some user experiences are unique to mobile.

9) Running campaigns without a mobi domain name – Jaguar is a good example of a direct campaign that used a very simple domain name to get customers back again and again

10) Serving the same content in every way to every mobile device - there is a variation in handsets/browsers on the market.