When servers explode

254968866_c428565cb5_m.jpgIf you were trying to reach any of Chinwag's websites over the weekend, please accept our apologies if you ran into any problems.

I'd like to say it was something as pedestrian as a network outage, a hard disk error or even that the cleaner tripped over the power cable and accidentally switched everything off - you may laugh now, but at a previous company that actually happened!

Not to overdo the melodrama but there was actually an electrical explosion at the data centre which houses Chinwag's servers. Thankfully no-one was hurt and after the fire marshalls gave the go-ahead most of the kit - 9,000 servers were affected - was back up and running pretty quickly.

Makes you wonder how safe our personal data that's ensconced in 'the cloud', really is.

[Pic: courtesy of craig1black]



Can smell the burning from here... Impressive recovery speed! A good reminder of how important disaster recovery is for any business that relies on 'tinternet. Just because a server is in a bombproof data center, it doesn't make it bombproof - if you see what I mean.

Trail of destruction

Phew, that was a close shave! But really, it's nothing compared to what happened to the last website I worked on


Do I sense a pattern emerging here..?

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