Chinwag Live Web TV Takeover stirs up debate

There's nothing like a good debate to rattle the cages.

Our Chinwag Live panel discussion last week Web TV Takeover seemed to work in that regard, and the coverage is mounting up.

The event itself was pretty fiesty even by Chinwag's past standards - as you'll see from the opinions and highlights recounted in the blogposts below.

Clearly TV is being disintermediated like the rest of the traditional content industries, that was the premise of the event.

But as YouTube, Current TV and file-sharing networks like Bittorrent supply people with video content as and when they want it - and give them a chance to contribute - both IPTV from the traditional broadcasters and a host of innovative new services are springing up spurred on by web TV's unstoppable growth. The panel line-up spanned these diverse groups.

Blank slate vs bland vision?

Most interesting to me was the universal uncertainty conveyed by the panel as to what will work in this space. Even the validity of *having* a business model was questioned.

Another pertinent comment came in the shape of Craig Hanna's contention afterwards that:

"What the industry must concentrate on is producing unique content designed with this new platform in mind. It's not just TV on the web - it's much, much more. The potential for unique content is enormous"

Michela Ledwidge of MOD Films was due to represent the new breed of producers making film in tune with the web medium, going far beyond mere micro-content.

However, she was unable to attend at the last minute, which was a shame, as I really felt the panel then lacked the producer and creative perspective.

Cross-spectrum feedback

Still, here's the full complement so far to graze on...

Robert Andrews - paidContent:UK

Eaon Pritchard - Weapon 7

Alan Patrick - Broadsight

Raghav Gupta - Brightcove

Tom Hopkins - Conchango

Craig Hanna - e-consultancy

Fiona Blamey

Next up - widget action at ad:tech

More debate to come this Thursday afternoon (27th September) at ad:tech London in our Media Widgetised session...

Hopefully see some of you there (it's in the free bit, which is handy, but you still need to register).