It's Just a Hop, Skip & a Jump over to Social Media Week Europe

Social Media Week Milano

As you probably already know Social Media Week London will be back in September. If you didn’t know then I am sorry to be the one to break the news. Although it must have been a mighty big rock you were hiding under.

Social Media Week February is running in 8 global locations, it may feel a little too last minute to longhaul it to the other side of the pond to NYC or Tokyo but the European locations are just a hop, skip and a jump across the channel.

With lots of the events being run in English it really is worth having a look, or getting involved in a google hangout!

The schedules are still being updated so it is worth checking them regularly. To get you started I have picked a few to tempt you with.

What's On In Europe

Catch a bit of Copenhagen

How about Hamburg

Musing over Milan

Pop over to Paris

Watch this space for more links to events in Europe.

photo (cc.) br1dotcom