More Doing Biz Summit Speakers Announced: TechStars, ustwo, The Next Web


Our SXSW masterclass, Doing Business in the USA, is happening on March 8, in Austin, Texas.

We still have some speakers to spoil y'all, including Hermione Way and Jason Seats.

Tickets are still here.

Hermione Way

Hermione WayHermione is CEO of Newspepper ltd, a global media platform with a unique model of giving paid internships to students and graduates in media.

Hermione also founded

She is co-host and Video Director at TheNextWeb and a Sky News commentator.

Jason Seats

Jason SeatsJason is the Managing Director of TechStars Cloud.

He was a founder of Slicehost, an early cloud computing hosting company.

In 2008 Slicehost was acquired by Rackspace and became the core for the initial Cloud Servers product.

Jules Ehrhardt

Jules EhrhardtJules is partner at ustwo where he heads US operations in New York.

The firm is now executing US expansion plans after two years of planning, only a fraction of which prepared them for what it would be like. Jules is happy to share the  candid insights, calamities and experiences of the journey so far.

Jules found his calling in the field of user experience (UX) where the scope for innovation, disruption and design with purpose rekindled his passion for digital.


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