SME Growth Hack - Sell - Sell. Sell. Sell.

Sell. Sell. Sell

In just three weeks as part of Global Entrepreneurship WeekChinwag have partnered with UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), to present SME Growth Hack: Build. Promote. Sell. Inspire.

It takes place on 21 November at Shoreditch Village Hall.

If you are an entrepreneur or SME with a fast-growing UK business with export potential, book your free ticket.The Event focuses around 4 main themes, Build. Promote. Sell. Inspire. Selling is a huge part of any business, we all need to make that cheddar. 

The Sell session will cover:

  • finding customers
  • winning them over
  • building a fanbase and turning them into clients
  • using digital marketing and social media to build business
  • how to use CRM to manage customer relationships

To give you a some tricks to selling sucessfully, check out these three brilliant tools.

1. EngageSciences

Unlocking social data to improve the targeting and segmentation for campaigns across multiple channels. EngageSciences know how to create a brand army, if you missed EngageSciences at SMWLDN with their #FreshlyPimped campaign find out more about them here.

2. Conversocial

Powering Social Customer Service. Conversocial aims to lower negative sentiment & risk of social crises, saving agent time & gaining greater customer insight.

3. Paypal Here

Take payments anywhere and everywhere securely with the paypal through an app and card reader. Find out more here.

You can check out our full list of Social Tools here. Did we miss one? Let us know right here.

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Photo (cc) Ahmad Nawawi.