Social Network Snakes & Ladders: Google+ Reaches No 2, Twitter Grows Fastest

The Stats

When it comes to popularity with Social Media Platforms it may be a case of slow and steady wins the race. We all know Facebook was the speedster Hare but who would have thought that Google+ is our plucky little turtle?

Globalwebindex latest research surfaces results that might raise a few eyebrows amongst social media marketers.

Google+ has blazed a trail to become the global number 2 social media platform, with 343m users, more than half of Facebook’s 693.5m and a whopping 58.2m more than Twitter.

For the big three, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter their users on PC, mobiles and tablets have all increased at a pretty similar rate, up between 27.7% and 40.1%.

When it comes to daily usage, Facebook is down by 2% whilst Google+ is up by 100% They my have started at a much lower base but it is still a huge increase.

Late last year Facebook added Instagram to their arsenal but even after dropping a cool billion on the deal they are down by 2% on their photo uploads and shares. Their competitors are riding a huge increase with Twitter at 40% and Google+ at 75%.

Ironic then, that Google+ ‘is not a social network’ - wonder if the boys’n’girls in Mountain View will change their tune now that the numbers are taking a turn in their favour?

Image (cc) Globalwebindex.