Seesmic - Creating demand by holding back the goods

Everyone's talking about Seesmic this week. Well everyone that has managed to get the 'pre alpha' testing. Seesmic  is a new video messaging service (think video voicemail, but published to a website) which is quite cool, but not radically new.

However, by allowing only limited users onto the system, they have created an 'I want one' mentality that is rapidly appearing on the various Twitters I connect with, and soon in the Chinwag discussion lists, I am sure.

This exclusive invitation only 'beta testing' phase has been the staple promotion for many new launches, from Joost to Iminlikewithyou, but once someone was on as a tester, they were given the opportunity to invite others. But with Seesmic, there are no friend invites (we have asked) - you can sign up on the website and wait for the main test to be rolled out but that will be too late for the likes of me who must have one now.

So, there's a good lesson in how to stimulate demand, by making it 'exclusive'. And if you know how I can get an invite (I have emailed the main man already) then let me know, I want one.

If you want to know more about Seesmic, try this video which does a good job of explaining it.