The SEO benefit of blog commentary.

Achieving quality inbound links is still an important element to SEO. The methods to achieve this include 'link baiting' with great content to achieve the best unsolicited links through to purchasing links on smaller directories which yields less benefit.

Looking through my Google Webmasters link report ( I started to notice Google's recognition of my comment links. To explain, most blog posts solicit commentary, in which you can leave your views on the post. To post a comment you need to provide your name and email address (which is not published) and a website address. So if you post a comment that includes your site url, then it becomes a recognised link. So if you pick your blogs right, you could be achieving some good links very easily. If you posted two comments a day, that would add up to an additional 730 links in a year.

Remember, to gain benefit from the links, your commentary needs to be relevant (this is not the opportunity for a sales message) and useful. A good comment will benefit you links and also more inquisiitive visitors.