Chinwag's School Trips...I mean, Mini Missions...

School Trip

We're known here at Chinwag for our Digital Missions - week long intensive trips to expand and develop small UK digital businesses internationally.

From our experience with Digital Missions, the group environment provides a whole bunch of benefits (more on this below), so we've been considering an exciting new idea, to create 'Mini-Missions'.

Mini-Missions will take advantage of both travelling with a group of UK delegates and the many wonderful conferences, like Picnic and LeWeb, that are currently around, some closer to our shores than others.

As with Digital Missions, going as a group will be beneficial in many ways:

  • Building business: Find new partners, investors, contacts and friends you wouldn't normally meet.
  • Network: You'll already have a group of peers you can share knowledge with, attend events, parties, meetings and extend your experience of the conference.
  • Finance: With group deals on tickets and possibly travel / accommodation, going as a group makes sense financially.

We're currently looking into Picnic (Amsterdam, 14 - 16 Sept) and LeWeb (Paris, 7 - 9 Dec) as possible Mini-Mission destinations. If you would be interested in coming along with us, or have any suggestions of other conferences (worldwide) you'd be interested in going to as a group, please complete our form.

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Photo (cc) Don Barrett