Digital Mission Infographic: A Few Facts & Figures - 140+ companies, $18m VC raised

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Following on from our recent post 'Digital Mission: The Story So Far, Future Plans, New Initiatives', for the past few months, we've been busy gathering information from as many of our Digital Mission Alumni as possible, asking how they've been getting on since their first Mission.

As previously mentioned, we're big infographic fans here at Chinwag.  So much so, that we decided to create our own based on our findings.

Combined with a few Digital Mission facts and figures, and some of the results of our survey earlier this year, there's some very interesting and impressive findings, if we do say so ourselves!

We've been joined by 149 different companies, who've taken part in 7 Digital Missions over the last 3 years, to New York, LA and San Francisco and South by South West (SXSW).

Seeing just how many companies have received investment since their first mission is a particular favourite.  Of the companies we've been in touch with, so far 25 have told us they've received investment, 8 of which gave us a little more detail - gaining over $18 million between them...

Infographic Investment

Our mission alumni have also been busy gaining recognition through awards, with 8 companies having received 19 awards and 7 proud!

Infographic Awards

Our research earlier in the year investigating where companies are most interested in expanding also produced some interesting results - with the USA coming top of the charts, followed by Australia, France, Germany, China, India and Singapore respectively.

If you're interested in learning about our future plans for Digital Missions, please take a peek at our recent blog post, "Digital Missions: The Story So Far, Future Plans, New Initiatives".  To keep up to date with our Mission plans, please:

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The full infographic can be seen below:

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One other thing

Seeing as you said you were glad I noticed...

The icons below 'distributed across the missions' (you probably don't need to say 'as follows')... what do they represent? 10 companies each? If so, how come the SXSW adds up to 151/152 but you say 149 above?


Thanks for your comments.

That would be because some companies have been on more than one Digital Mission with us!

Each symbol represents 4's more of a visual representation, but if you'd like the exact figures, I can get them for you!

61,860 what?

61,860 what, sorry?

Oh no!

Yes, miles.
I'm glad you noticed, so disappointed I missed that out!

Well, spotted.

That would be miles, I think. Actually, I'd better ask Lauren.