SMW London Round-up: The "Friend" Close: Social Sales

Social Media Week London

Social Media Week London generated so much coverage that it's taken us a little while to pull together all the information. This review brings together the video and coverage from The "Friend" Close: Social Sales.

From lead generation to closing sales, how has the sales process been affected by social media? From peer to peer recommendations to group buying to online stores, learn from the experts in using social media as part of the sales cycle.

Sales has come a long way from it’s stereotyped image of the persistent cold caller who won’t take no for an answer. Brands have been working hard to pull in sales and retain customers using a variety of methods. How can you mix both offline and online strategies to allow the customer to create their own journey? How can you maximise your ROI?


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The "Friend" Close: Social Sales took place on Wednesday 9th Feb 2011 at the Design Council in London. 

The speakers included:

  • Bruce Daisley - Leader, YouTube & Display
  • Leo Rayman - Strategy Director DDB UK and Tribal DDB
  • Jonathan Mann - Head of Marketing, Groupon UK & IE
  • Jon Mell, Portal and Social Business Leader for North Europe, IBM
  • Chair: Tom Nixon - Founder, NixonMcInnes


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