Social Seating - Make Your Flight More Enjoyable with Satisfly's SeatBuddy System


Ever been in that situation where you're sat, mid-flight, desperate for sleep and your neighbour is insistant on constant chit chat? Or ever had a mid-flight business pitch from a fellow flight passenger, when work's the last thing on your mind?

You'll be glad to hear, then, that Latvian airline airBaltic have launched the world's first airline social system called 'SeatBuddy', powered by Satisfly. The system, which aims to resolve this common issue, pairs you up with like-minded passengers during your flight.

The free service asks you for your ‘flight mood’ and other details before each flight, allowing users to determine if they'd be up for a casual chit chat, would prefer to be left alone, or would like to talk shop and meet a potential business partner.

Once you've selected your 'flight mood', they system pairs you with someone who's in the same mood as you.

You can also add in extra details & preferences, such as choosing to sit someone who speaks your language, or has similar hobbies, or even works in the same industry.

Keeping the element of surprise - you only get to meet your seat buddy once you board the flight, and once the system has chosen your partner, you can't change seats (well, that would be rather rude!).

According to airBaltic, customer information will be kept confidential, the SeatBuddy option will only be tested on flights at the end of June 2012.


Source: DesignTaxi - The World's First Airline Social Seating System