Digital Mission Companies Waspit & RealEyes Announce New Products in New York


Last week, Waspit Ltd and Realeyes Data Services, both companies that joined us on the Digital Mission to New York, managed to find time to announce new launches at ad:tech  NYC 2010, despite a full weeks schedule and their own meetings!

Waspit Ltd launched their new contactless payment system, "BuzzPay" and Realeyes Data Services launched the second generation of their Adgagement eye-tracking service.

Waspit logo

Waspit Ltd  - “BuzzPay”.

“The company's new BuzzPay service is compatible with both NFC-enabled handsets and contactless stickers and will enable users to pay for purchases anywhere MasterCard PayPass is accepted around the world.

"The beauty of our platform and our open-loop approach means that Waspit can now appeal directly to consumers, rather than having to first roll out an expensive merchant network," says Waspit CEO Richard Steggall.

The company, which has operations in the UK, North America and Australia, has partnered with Yates's, a pub chain with more than 60 outlets across the UK, for the launch of the new service. "The choice to work with Yates’s was an easy one given we share the same target market," says Danielle Dalkie, Waspit's head of marketing and PR.”

Realeyes Data Services - AdgagementRealeyes logo

“The launch follows extensive trials in collaboration with leading publishers in the US and the UK. One of the forward thinking companies to take advantage of the latest in eye-tracking solutions has been Incisive Media. Matt McGowan, Managing Director of North America, explains:

“The new eye-tracking metrics delivered by Realeyes were invaluable in helping us understand how to monetize our media assets in the most efficient way. The concise reporting uncovered key insights about user engagement with various ad display formats – information which is central to building more profitable advertising relations.”

Realeyes were commissioned to measure progress with page-layout updates across the Incisive Media portfolio. For example, the new ClickZ page redesign was able to more than double advertising engagement with both the MPU and the Leaderboard ad formats. Remarkably, this was achieved despite the fact that the old ClickZ site was already performing well. The new placements are now clocking in at 174% of industry average* - a highly compelling argument for prospective advertisers.

“With the publicity surrounding our latest Adgagement service, we’re also seeing a dramatic spike in interest from the leading FMCG brands.” says Mihkel Jäätma, Founding Partner at Realeyes. “Brand managers recognize that 2/3 of all advertising is brand-focused, yet over 90% of online ad spend is still focused on direct response.  This remarkable discrepancy is due to become more balanced over time.”

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