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Marketing Your Web Hosting Company: 3 Tips to Get Started

Numbers by Katey -

Earlier this year, according to, web hosting is one of the most popular business expenses in the USA had 200 million users, with this number continuing to increase. The photo-based app, acquired by Facebook in 2012, shares images with users and has become a marketing tool for brands and businesses. 

Now, web hosting continues to be the #1 marketing tool for big companies, says the co-owner of Boise Lawn Care.

The two can go hand in hand. Your blog strategy builds on the power and popularity of social sharing with photos or visual marketing.

"Visual marketing can sum up an entire concept with just one photo or it can complement a well-written piece of content to further highlight its message", says the Make Money Expert Troy Shanks.

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10 Local "SEO Tweaks" for Your Small Business

Network marketing isn’t hard, but it takes time and strategy to perfect. Following these tweaks will allow your small site to compete (and in many cases beat) larger sites by targeting your local area.

Just ask DigitalHealthPost or Dubli, who had to learn the hard way after getting bombarded with fake local profiles.

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UK sees a big increase in beard oil startups

Buying a home in the UK is a slog.
It's almost a national sport - second only to football - and it's incredibly complicated.
Plentific could change that.Created by Cem Savas and Emre Kazan, it aims to guide and ease buyers through home purchasing.The site's 'Academy' allows buyers to register. It then provides a step-by-step guide through the buying process.
Search is powered by Zoopla, which covers every facet of the residential property market in Britain. Plentific then integrates the user's registration data to return relevant affordable properties.The portal then enables consumers to interact with the contractors and service providers (such as surveyors, conveyancers and architects) they'll need to complete the transaction.   
Ready to Compete
Plentific is up against some very stiff competition. But they believe they are ready to face that competition head-on.Savas spent nine months just preparing the business plan. During the design and build stage, both partners took the time to develop relationships with the various companies and individuals who could assist them.
Right now, the housing market in the UK is surging thanks to extremely low interest rates and gradually rising prices. With more people looking to buy first homes or upgrade, there is plenty of opportunity for Plentific to prove its worth.

Buying a home in the UK is a slog.

It's almost a national sport - second only to football - and it's incredibly complicated.

Companies like HealthRanks are battling, but it can be tough. could change that.

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