£5m Metadata R&D Competition Round-up & Reference

PFI Metadata Competition

The Partnering for Innovation (Metadata) events drew the cream of the UK's Metadatarists, which if not a proper word, should be.

The competition itself opens on 13th September so there's still plenty of time to put find a partner and put in an application. During the events in Birmingham and London, delegates took place in an Ideas Marketplace, outlining their concepts, companies, partners wanted and provide a handy way to find potential collaborators.

The background information, presentations, videos, pictures from the Ideas Marketplace and other info have been compiled into a handy, if rather lengthy, reference page, that includes:

To see a full list of companies attending the events, and to contact them, check out the Metadata group on the Creative Industries KTN's Beacons social network, which is free to join. There's also a further event in Cambridge (9th Sept).

For hints on the application process, check out the advice we put together for the £18m Collaboration Across Digital Industries competition. Although the subject is different, the application process is virtually identical.

The full documents and application form will be published when the competition opens. To make sure you get this info when it's released, sign-up for the TSB's newsletter.

Good luck!