8 online conference tools

A handy list of 8 online conference tools compiled from a discussion on the ever-lively uk-netmarketing email discussion list:

  1. GoToMeeting - http://www.gotomeeting.com
  2. Webex - http://www.webex.com
  3. Yuuguu - http://www.yuuguu.com
  4. DimDim - http://www.dimdim.com
  5. Yugma - https://www.yugma.com
  6. Powwownow - http://www.powwownow.co.uk
  7. Adobe Acrobat Connect - http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobatconnect
  8. SIghtspeed - http://www.sightspeed.com

Thanks to Gareth Beck, Peter Cunningham, Paul Lock, Sarah Platt, George Hopkin, Christopher Jenkins-Powell, Mike Parry and Marc Duke for the suggestions.

It never ceases to amaze me just how much knowledge still comes from the good old-fashioned email discussion forum that is, uk-netmarketing. I you want to take part, you can subscribe through the website, it's free.

If you've got comments on the tools mentioned above, or others to add, please leave a comment. All welcome.  


Alternative Online conferencing

Helpful list. I would like to check out a few. I’ve never tried a free form of conferencing. Although it’s not free, I really like RHUB video conferencing and remote support. I attended a meeting and they have a no download option so it allows you to view the conference straight from the browser which I thought was really neat. And of course they had annotation, whiteboard, recording ability, etc. I’m thinking of investing in their product but for now free is good!


I want to suggest you try http://www.showdocument.com - its an alternative tool for beamyourscreen that allows document sharing and Free Web meeting in real-time. all the participants in the session see each others' drawing, highlights,  etc. It is free and requires no installation.


Online Conferencing Platforms

Hi Sam, There are many more excellent online conferencing tools offering a variety of features. One that I use extensively is Elluminate. The following website provides a list of various conferencing platforms and in some cases an evaluation: http://www.thinkofit.com/webconf/index.htm Hope this is helpful. Lynn

Hi Sam, another online

Hi Sam,

another online conferencing tool which you are missing is BeamYourScreen (http://www.BeamYourScreen.com). It is affordable and really easy-to-use.

Best regards,
BeamYourScreen Team