In the Big Apple, Digital Mission Companies Have Plenty To Shout About

Digital Mission to New York, working in the sunshine at Winston & StrawnThe Digital Mission to New York are ensconced in the Big Apple's frenetic networking scene making contacts and wrapping their heads around the US market.

Contacts are being made, meetings followed up and progress made in building overseas partners, trade and investment for some of the best the UK digital sector has to offer.

But things don't go quiet just because they're out of the country...

Stylesignal are Sifting Fashion's Social Sentiment

Possibly the newest launch amongst the Digital Mission companies, Stylesignal launched their Trend Science subscription service just days before heading over to New York.

The culmination of two year's work, the product analyses opinions across the social media sphere including Twitter, Facebook, blogs and press, tool automatically understanding consumers sentiments displaying their longings and loathings by geography as well as garment types, prints, patterns, colours and details.

Want to know whether Katie Price is in or out? [Ed - we shudder to think] There's a graph for that. Presenting complex data sets in easily digestible graphs can only be a good thing for hard-pressed marketer and PRs. And yes, before you ask, Geoff and Julia from Stylesignal are raising the satorial bar amongst the mission party.

Style Signal

Collecting Toys is a Serious Business

Vintage RobotMartingale Internet Technologies' community is on track to be the leading resource for the serious collector.

The company has recently boosted its advisory board with three of the world's leading collectors including toy soldier and figure expert Norman Joplin, leading robot and space toy consultant and dealer and Chang Yang Fa whose own 100,000 piece collection is so vast he's only able to display 5,000 pieces in one go in his dedicated seven-story MINT museum.

Understanding the basics of the market, I'm now wishing I'd been a lot more careful with some of my classic toys I ended up burying in the garden.