Chinwag Groups on Facebook and now LinkedIn

In a fit of configuration and setting this up, we've created a new group for Chinwaggers on LinkedIn. This comes hot on the heels of the Facebook group, which has been a handy way of keeping people in touch with the latest happenings at Chinwag Towers.

I've always felt LinkedIn was a simpler proposition with a clearer USP. It's been diluted with the addition of Answers, but I understand why they're heading down this route. The promotion of the group functionality on LinkedIn - it's existed for yonks, but they're only started pushing it in the last couple of weeks - makes an interesting addition, allowing professionals to self-select themselves into special interest groups.

Add a drop of behaviourally targetted advertising and it makes for a nice advertising/marketing proposition. I'm not quite as clear on the user benefits, although to be fair I haven't had the time to explore the full features. You do get a groovy little logo on your profile though...which is nice.

So, if you fancy joining fellow Chinwaggers on either of the networks, use the links below:

LinkedIn Logo

Facebook Logo