Facebook earnings hit $2.2bn, stock price up. Teenage use down, stock drops.

Mark Zuckerberg's original Facebook profile by Niall Kennedy

Facebook's star is on the rise, as are its earnings, which were revealed yesterday at $2.2bn. Not a bad chunk of change. Predictably, FB stock rose 15%.

The admission that younger teens are using the network less also had a dramatic impact, deflating the good news and seeing the stock drop.

Techcrunch, who covered the news in detail reports,

"Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel said onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt SF in September that it sees 350 million “snaps” (photos and videos) sent per day. That’s equal to the number of photos uploaded to Facebook per day."

Other key takeaways include:

Taking Facebook's almost ubiquitous presence in most of the English-speaking world (and now beyond), it's a useful bellwether for the shift in both usage and advertising to mobile devices.

A good reminder that it's time to dust off that mobile strategy and make sure it's bang up-to-date.

Photo (cc) Niall Kennedy.