The Great Google Job Experiment, Pay Per Career Keyword Advertising

The Great Google Job ExperimentGetting that dream job, sometimes requires more than a straight-forward job hunt, application and nailing the interview.

As an extension of a marketing discipline, it's all about understanding your audience and targeting them with an effective campaign. That's exactly what Alec Brownstein did using ingenuity and the grand total of $6 on Google Adwords.

The result? A gig at Y&R New York. Here's how he did it...

Not sure how repeatable this is - how many 'social media' campaigns have been hailed as brilliant because they were the first to grab an idea? - but you have to admit, the boy's got chops.

He's certainly not the only person using YouTube to further his career, the NY Times recently ran a piece about Tufts University accepting YouTube submissions as part of their application process.

Any schools or colleges in the UK doing this yet? Have you submitted a YouTube video as part of a college or job application. We'd love to know.

Hat tip: Francesco D'Orazio via Twitter.