Ideas Marketplace, Finding Collaborators for £18m TSB Competition

Ideas Marketplace

Judging by the number of people coming along to the Partnering for Innovation events, there's lots of interest in collaboration to get a slice of the £18m Collaboration Across Digital Industries competition.

There are a number of challenges in entering a winning bid: meeting the scope of the competition, finding the time (you'll need ~100 hours for a mainstream application) and finding partners to collaborate with.

For the last Partnering for Innovation events, the Ideas Marketplace taking place during the lunch break has been aiming to help with this challenge. It might be low tech - getting ideas up on sheets of paper and taking pictures - but it's working well.

Below are Flickr slideshows from the Glasgow and Manchester events. Peruse the companies involved who are looking for partners.

There are contact details in most of the pictures and you can find details of all the delegates at the events and connect with them using the Beacons social network run by the Creative Industries KTN.

A, somewhat gargantuan, page summarising all of the information about the competition including videos, the competition flyer and lots more is available on the Partnering for Innovation page on Chinwag.

(cc) Creative Industries KTN.