iPhone Apps Chinwag

iPhone and iPhone 3G by Yutaka TsutanoOh yes, we're all a flutter about the new iPhone 3GS. Well, we would be if a shiny new one appeared in the office. Anyone? No, oh well.

Failing that, what about an informal get-together to talk about iPhone apps? In the last week or so, there's been a bunch of posts on the uk-netmarketing email list suggesting a group pow-wow to talk iPhone.

Turns out that lots of folks on the list are considering or are actually taking the plunge in the heady world of app development. And well, they're a talkative bunch and would like to share.

The Chinwag events calendar is already pretty chocca-block with Chinwag Live's lined up for next week and September (keep your eyes peeled, for an event on the future of search).

In the light of this, we were contemplating an informal drinkies at Chinwag Towers, demand-allowing, sometime in mid-August. If the good weather persists, we could even venture onto the roof. Space is limited though, so we wanted to get an idea of numbers.

If you're interested, leave a comment below - even better, if you register before leaving a comment, we can email you back. Oh, and if anyone fancies sharing the love, sponsor-style salesatchinwag [dot] com (drop me a line).

Update: Date/time sorted out. RSVP here.

Pic courtesy of Yutaka Tsutano. Some rights reserved.


iPhone therefore iApp

Righty-ho, we have a date, a time and a place for a get-together. The lovely folks at Aquent have also volunteered to lay on a few beers, too.

Please RSVP to secure your place as numbers are limited.

Apologies if we haven't contacted you directly, we tried to get round everyone who commented but didn't have everyone's contact details.

Sounds good

We're a funded UK start-up with our iPhone app now in closed beta. We're a location browser, a new medium for discovering the world around you. Would love to meet more iPhone people in the UK.

Nice idea

Sounds like your roof terrace might get a bit crowded, but I'd be interested if there's space :-)

Sounds like a good idea.

Yeah - thats a good one. i think there is a lot of interest from the old media companies like newspapers too

iPhone apps chat

Hi Sam

Thanks for offering...I'll contact you seperately re some booze sponsorship

Definitely - and happy to contribute. We'll also be organising something in September and possibly another event in the autumn to answer the school hols question.



Count me In

Look forward to it as we are currently looking for a developer - so be good to meet a few..

Also Gary - saw that you put in the offer to do some drinks sponsorship. We are currently looking for a sponsor for our event for London Design Week. If you are interested please get in touch.

I'd be interested.

I'd be interested.

Looks like a lot of people for an informal gathering...

...but I'd be interested too

I'm in!

Count me in, sounds like a great idea Sam.

Yes please

I'm in too, we at www.rscpp.co.uk have started thinking about how we can move to the mobile platform, so would love to chat about ideas with others

Yes please

I'm in too, we at www.rscpp.co.uk have just started to think about how we might be able to use an iPhone (or other) app to bring our offerings to a mobile platform, and would like to discuss ideas with others

streaming to devices

Hey Sam

I'd like to come and would probably bring a client we are working with to develop an audio/video streaming service that works across web/ iTunes and hopefully iPhone.



I think this is a great idea -

count me in

Mobile chat

Sounds great, count me in....


School hols, as someone else said, if this is a kick off, can we have another one in Sept?



Count me in.

a friend passed this on to me, sounds interesting

I'll see if I can rustle up a few other iPhone devs, too.

Sounds interesting

I'd be interested if I'm not out of town

Definitely want to come!

(And not just to catch up with Thayer)

I'm in


Count me in

... sounds like a great idea, jd

Not just only iphones please!

I'd love to learn more and attend. Can it also cover all smart phones and not just be an Apple love-in. Need Google Android and Blackberry input too. 

Yes Please

Sounds good

"walk tall, speak softly but carry a big stick"


I'll be down, maybe with one or two of my team too.

Redberry would be interested in attending

myself plus Piers if there is room please!

yes please!

all in for this. please keep me posted...


count me in but look at all

count me in but look at all app market and not just iPhone!

Mobile app gathering

Yeah, sounds good...please include me +1 or 2 :)


I'm interested

Yep - would be interested, we're developing an Iphone app now for SquareMeal and it would be good to hear other experiences.




Sounds great... count me in too please!

Gimme5games would be interested in attending...

...but mid August clashes with school hols, so availability might be an issue....



I'm in!

Myself and a couple of others would be interested in attending this

Sounds good...

Sounds good...

iPhone apps chat


I'd be up for that...a couple of our guys too

Keep me updated?




Count me in.

Great idea

Would love to come if it happens to fall on a Wednesday :) Keep me posted.