Judge Nixes Staff Anti-Poaching Deal Between Apple, Google, Adobe, Intel

Lego People by Joe Shlabotnik

It's not just Soylent Green that's made of people, it's the digital industry, too. Six of the world's leady tech heavyweights, Adobe, Apple, Google, Intel, Intuit and Pixar have just agreed settlement of a complaint by the US Department of Justice into "anticompetitive employment practices" between the firms.

The genial relations between personnel teams is in stark contrast to frosty relations on the product front. The massive pressure to attract and retain the best talent will certainly have played its part.

The battle between Twitter and Facebook, which essentially boils down to which company has the best ideas and can implement them effectively, highlights this pressure and the importance of employer marketing, if the talent heads to Facebook, Twitter's star will ultimately fade.

According to the DoJ's complaint, the agreements, some in place since 2006 included "Apple and Google executives agreed not to cold call each other’s employees" and "Apple placed Adobe on its internal "Do Not Call List" and similarly, Adobe included Apple in its internal list of "Companies that are off limits". The proposed settlement is part of a larger investigation which continues.

Hat tip: Paidcontent.org

Photo (cc) Joe Shlabotnik.