Video Interview: Alex Stanhope from TSB on £18m Collaborative R&D Fund

Partnering for Innovation BrochureAs anyone whose tried knows, getting grant funding from the government can be an arduous task with forms that sap your will to live.

Fortunately, the process for securing a slice of the £18m Collaboration Across Digital Industries fund recently announced by the Technology Strategy Board is much less painful.

I caught up with Alex Stanhope, who is leading this project to get the background on the TSB's work and the Digital Testbeds that led to this £18m competition.

In the first video, Alex explained the work of the TSB and the Digital Testbeds that have led to this competition:

In the second video, I quizzed Alex on the nitty gritty of the competition, asking him what types of projects they're looking for, what constitutes a consortium and what's meant by match-funding, amongst other things:

There are still a few spaces at the information events in Bristol, Manchester and Glasgow - and we have news of two more next week. They're a great chance to find out more, get some insight into collaboration and quiz Alex and his TSB colleagues face-to-face.