Webinar to Launch New Metadata R&D Competition

Metadata Has Wings by Gideon Burton

At midday today (1st June), we're delighted to welcome Alex Stanhope and Jeremy Silver from the Technology Strategy Board to Chinwag Towers for a live webinar.

They'll join me to chat about an exciting new R&D competition that focuses on metadata and how developers or rights holders can obtain grant funding to explore new business models and ways to increase revenues from their content.

We'll discuss the competition and the importance of metadata to the world’s digital media businesses to enable them to revalue content and make it trackable and discoverable.

We'll be live from midday and if you'd like to put any questions to Alex or Jeremy, ping them our way via twitter using the #tsbmeta hashtag. The video will be available on-demand after the webinar.

UPDATE: A video of the launch is now available, along with a summary of information about this competition on the Partnering for Innovation, Metadata page.