ASDA fights back at employee abuse on YouTube

ASDA employee

After video clips of a store employee running riot in corriders, staff rooms and damaging stock were posted on YouTube the ASDA fought back with some damage limitation, social media style.

Clips showed My Ayub, employee of the ASDA Fulwood store, licking and stamping on a raw chicken and putting it back on the shelf for customers to buy, he set off fire alarms and cut other employees clothes.

In retaliation employees from ASDA Fulwood branch posted their responses to his YouTube carnage online. The staff members featured in the comeback video look genuinely upset and called for, 

"the person involved to get what's coming to them."

From the footage, filmed over the space of 3 years, you can see why ASDA were so quick to get their staff demonising the actions of one bad apple. After all it makes for terrible PR to have your customers seeing staff members damaging your stock to such an extent.

Head of corporate communications and new media at ASDA, Dominic Burch, was keen to make people aware that these things were no longer taking place at that particular branch:

"Once we'd seen it, we were quick to say how disgusted we were and then worked fast to find out who the person was and whether he was still part of the business"

It's quite clear that ASDA have to be seen to be doing the upmost when it comes to something like this and as Paul Harrison of put it, it's a "pretty savvy move of dive and catch". It's almost impossible to stop this kind of abuse appearing on the web but by choosing an accesible medum like YouTube, ASDA gave as good as they got.

The original video:

ASDA's response:


@ty - not sure, haven't heard

@ty - not sure, haven't heard from them, although given their response and that the video was live for quite a long time, I'm not sure they'll need to prosecute.


Surely this idiot has been prosecuted?