AudioBoo Coming to a Browser Near You

Audioboo on iPhone Flickr image

Back in March this year AudioBoo proudly claimed their mission to be the YouTube of the spoken word.

And it looks like they're just about there. Previously available in iPhone and Android flavours, the Audioboo team have announced a browser-based version launching today. Get in there people.

Following in the intrepid techno-savvy footsteps of users like Stephen Fry, he's been known to say "night night" to his Twitter followers with it, AudioBoo users will now be able to upload their recordings easily from their computers.

The service is PC and Mac compatible, runs on Safari and Firefox and the pre-launch jitters on IE are being smoothed out as I type. Unfortunately, there's no word about Chrome just yet.

Boo users can add pictures of themselves and, with Google Maps itegration, location tags. You'll be able to do all the same things you would on the iPhone and Android platforms. You can have your audio clips stored on, and you have the option to download recordings as podcasts and send them off to your networks, á la Fry.

Audioboo founder, Mark Rock, joined the Digital Mission to Los Angeles and San Francisco earlier in the year and with admirable persistance used Audioboo to document the trip.

Picture courtesy of OurManInside. Some rights reserved.

Applications for the Digital Mission to South by South West Interactive (March 2010) in Austin, Texas close today.


UPDATE: A sneak preview of in-browser Audioboo has just been released.


This can really make our PDA

This can really make our PDA more powerful.