Job Interview Questions to Ask A Start-up

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If you're interviewing with a start-up, in digital there are thousands, there are a whole bunch of interview questions you should ask.

It's not just a chance to make yourself sound smart, but to find out if the company who are interviewing you are going steady, not just in the financial sense.

It's something you'll want to know before you commit yourself.

Interviewing; it's just like dating.

Things like burn rate, financial backing and their current profit/loss situation should all be subtly investigated.  Here's our list of the top questions to ask in a start-up job interview:

  1. How much financial backing do they have? If they are VC funded how long have they got to turn a profit? Or, if you're feeling brave - how much money do you have in the bank?
  2. What's your 2 year/5 year/10 year plan?
  3. Burn Rate - otherwise known as negative cash flow. How fast are you going through  money? And how long will it be before you use up your venture capital and generate a positive cash flow? It takes years to build a great company so it's a gamble. Start-ups are known for volatility. Some are cash poor/money rich at the wrong times, and others generate immense profits.
  4. Researching your interviewer before hand is always a must-do but especially so in the merciless world of start-ups. Find out where their expertise lies and whether they've had any entrepreneurial success in the past. If it's a match to this new venture then all the better.
  5. One of the benefits of a start up is the scope for progression. If your company of choice "rolls a seven" you could be in a very cushy position. What started out as a 3 person-tin pot operation could be the next hotUKdeals/lastminute/wordpress and you'll be in the perfect position to reap the rewards of a swift promotion that comes with a hefty company expansion or some soaring stock options. All the more important, I suppose, to ask about job progression.

For any interview ask as many questions as you can until they tell you to, basically, get the hell out of there.

Got any suggestions for questions to ask? Leave us a comment below.

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