Online Ad Spend Overtakes Television

monopoly-e-commerce by danielbroche - released from the Internet Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) bi-annual online advertising expenditure study, carried out in partnership with Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) and the World Advertising Research Centre (WARC), makes for enlightening reading.

For the first time in the UK the internet has surpassed TV to become the single biggest advertising medium in the country.

Online adversiting spend overtook TV to become the UK's biggest advertising medium in the first half of 2009. It grew 4.6%, to £1.75 bn in H1, giving it a record market share of 23.5%.

Even as advertising experienced a 16.6% decline overall, online's ability to engage audiences, its measurability and a sturdy ROI is keeping the sector above water, where TV and other mediums have floundered and sunk.


Paid for search, the mainstay of many marketing budgets and the most direct form of response advertising, experienced a growth of 6.8% from H1 2008 to H1 2009. Marketers invested £1.05bn during H1 2009, 59.8% of all online advertising expenditure.


Even in the dark days of an apocalyptic recession that has seen budget cuts across the board, classified ad spend grew from 10.6% to £385m, taking up 22% of all online ad spend.


Figures may have dipped slightly, by 5.2% to £316.5m accounting for 18% of all online advertising reveneue, but in the light of double digit declines across mediums it was a relatively minor bump in the road for display advertising.

The full IAB report is available here.

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It's great news that it's is

It's great news that it's is becoming more popular, as it's proof for anyone considering advertising and doubt the various online methods available to them.

Online advertising is better for starting campaigns on a shoe-string budget, though it would be interesting to see, that even though expenditure for online advertising has increased, has the ROI?