A storm’s approaching but can we keep the usability boat afloat?

Companies these days accept the need to improve the usability of their website, intranets and software designs.

Our next even Real World Usability on April 22nd the panel will be getting to grips with the burning issues facing usability.  In light of an approaching financial down turn can usability find a way to weather the current economic storm?

The discussion will cover a wide range of pressing topics from the problem of rich applications and their effects on the industry to remote usability, privacy mobile and whether the death of the webpage interface is nigh.

Is user testing becoming commodified? And how will testing firms ride out his tide of change? All these questions and much more will be up for discussion in an event that’s set to bring forward some innovative insights into a newly emerging development.

If all that floats your boat do come along an take part in some great conversation downstairs at The Slug and Lettuce in Wardour Street, deepest Soho.  Doors open at 6pm so you’ve plenty of time to grab a seat and get some nibbles before discussion starts at 6.30pm sharp.

As usual there will be informal networking after the event, and the option of staying on for a drink or two if you so fancy.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Bookings close at 1pm today. You can book from here: http://www.chinwag.com/events/2008/04/chinwag-live-real-world-usability