Transatlantic Troubleshooting

Digital Mission stand SXSW '09The application deadline for our NYC Digital Mission is fast approaching, September 18th to be precise, and here at Chinwag Towers we thought we’d give you a flash back to one of our most popular panel debates, Transatlantic Troubleshooting held during our Digital Mission at SXSWi 2009.

It’s bound to get those of you who’re waiting until next week to get your details over to us to get a wriggle on.

Listen to Transatlantic Troubleshooting now:

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We may pronounce a few words differently and have the odd spelling disagreement but it’s the way we conduct business in the US and the UK that’s really worlds apart. It’s a “whole different ball game" over there.

For companies interested in advertising their investment potential and for US companies after more information, Chinwag’s sponsored Transatlantic podcast is jammed full of tips for US investors and VCs planning on working with UK businesses. You’ll discover what it’s like to do business in the UK and Europe, find partners and stay gaffe-free (always a good thing). You’ll also get the gist on what it’s like in the UK media scene and have a few myths dispelled along the way.

The Trans-Atlantic panel boasts Aleks Krotoski acclaimed Guardian technology journalist and, in partnership with UKTI, she champions UK business abroad. Her time with UKTI has seen her gauging the needs of European, US and world markets while “match making” UK companies as solution providers.

Joining Aleks there’s Stewart Townsend of Sun Microsystems, an organisation that helps UK start ups with software and funding. Harvest Digital’s Mike Teasdale, Mike Butcher of Tech Crunch fame and Nigel Eccles from, a a site that lets users predict the outcome of news stories.

At multi-media and web 2.0 blog,, Alan Patrick summed up the foreign interest in the British companies flying the flag at SXSWi 2009 as being all about expansion and enrichment. Personally, I think it had a lot to do with the full English breakfast on offer; if all else fails, tempt them with food.

Talking of Digital Missions, applications are now open for Digital Mission to New York, centered around the Web 2.0 Expo. This will be the second trip to New York where we’ll be building on our established relationships with New York-based entrepreneurs, VC’s, agencies and digital practitioners along with our now infamous line up of activities.

If you or your company are looking to take part in our next Digital Mission to NYC in November 2009 the deadline for applications is Friday September 18th.