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Suzanne Morrow

Suzanne is a Senior Copywriter at leading UK digital agency Dog Digital. Established in 1996, Dog Digital is one of the most experienced and accomplished teams in the digital arena. Today Dog boast a star-studded international client portfolio and a trophy cabinet full of awards. They provide bright and innovative digital solutions that work. It's that simple.

eOffice £100,000 Office Space Giveaway

Out of Office Flickr pictureIf you're a struggling start-up, self employed, or an entreprenuer, you could find yourself the lucky recipient of some free office space for the next 3 months, courtesy of those nice people at eOffice.

They're giving away £100,000 worth of free office services to 100 UK companies. That's £1,000 worth of free services that could be going STRAIGHT to your organisation.

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Music Who Pays The Piper Pics & Podcast Available Now

Chinwag Live: music who pays the piperIt's a lot easier to broaden our musical horizons these days. With P2P file sharing, music streaming sites and song download services sky rocketing, the way we listen to and consume music has changed beyond all recognition.

But in perilous times like these is the ad-funded music model really viable? Or are modern day music fans simply looters in disguise?

In July of this year we held our Chinwag Live: Music who pays the piper event, debating all of the above and more.

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The Social Network Perils of Job Hunting

self-made motivational poster and job interview attire by slushpup - all know that when we go for a job interview our social network profile will probably get a once over by HR or we'll at least have a Google search done on us but in the social network/job interview scenario the odds, it seems, are stacked against the candidate. 

The latest newsletter from eMarketer, that gets to grips with how social networks help and hinder job candidates, makes for some eye-popping reading.

Out of the total HR professionals polled 18% said that a person's online profile had encouraged them to make a job offer. A profile can work in a candidates favour. It can show that you're a good fit for the company, professionally and creatively, which would be tricky to determine from an interview alone.

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Deadline Extended: Digital Mission to New York

Digital Mission Laptop by Benjamin Ellis - to overwhelming demand, the deadline for Digital Mission to New York '09 has been extended until Thursday, 24th September.

This gives a few precious extra days and the weekend, if you're a workaholic, to complete your application for the NYC Digital Mission.

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Transatlantic Troubleshooting

Digital Mission stand SXSW '09The application deadline for our NYC Digital Mission is fast approaching, September 18th to be precise, and here at Chinwag Towers we thought we’d give you a flash back to one of our most popular panel debates, Transatlantic Troubleshooting held during our Digital Mission at SXSWi 2009.

It’s bound to get those of you who’re waiting until next week to get your details over to us to get a wriggle on.

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A storm’s approaching but can we keep the usability boat afloat?

Companies these days accept the need to improve the usability of their website, intranets and software designs.

Our next even Real World Usability on April 22nd the panel will be getting to grips with the burning issues facing usability.  In light of an approaching financial down turn can usability find a way to weather the current economic storm?

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