Make the Most of a Social Event

Stay Connected

Any event is an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand or organisation and grow its social media presence.

This weekend I joined one of my clients, @LUAAOfficial and their sister company @UrbanArtsExp, at the Lollibop Festival in Stratford. While I couldn’t claim to share their appreciation of “Rastamouse” (yet...) I did spot three ways that you can harness the power of social media and events.

If you’re attending, make sure you research the appropriate ‘@s’ for your social media posts

Start by tagging the organisers - they will want to rack up interest; do what you can to help them out. Spreading useful information is one of the key purposes of social media, and there’s no more credible a source than a living, breathing status updater. 

If you’re organising, make sure you’ve printed enough flyers with ALL of your social media info to distribute

You can gamble on the hope that you made a significant impact on attendees who will then remember you. Chances are, though, that if an event goer has something physical to supplement that memory then there’s a greater chance of securing their return custom. Who knows where these relationships will go? Make sure you won’t miss any opportunity to connect.

Keep track of all of your newfound connections

Hopefully, after the event your social media profiles will be boosted by new people interested in your cause. Keep a log of the new connections you have made and touch base with them soon after the event. Noting their information down in an easy to understand format like a spreadsheet will make your new contacts easier to find and get a hold of. You might also want to keep notes on their business card about the nature of your conversation. When it comes to turning a conversation into a contact, the personal touch helps.  

We know that events bring people together. Throwing social media into the mix will not only help to promote the occasion but, if used correctly, also leave a lasting impression on attendees.