Digital Mission Testimonials

After our Digital Missions come to an end, participating companies are asked to fill out an anonymous questionnaire so that we can make sure the missions are as much of a success as we hope they are.  Below are some of the testimonials we have received:

Digital Mission to New York '10

DM NYC 2010“I went on the Digital Mission to NYC 2010 because I was interested in opening an office there and wanted to get some contacts and find out about some of the logistics and the Digital Mission provided just that! From legal advice for setting up to putting us in front of important and relevant people, I now feel ready to make the move.”  - Anonymous

“Definitely - an exceptional opportunity to meet with companies and people that you may otherwise never get the chance to. I have never had so many useful meetings in just one week. A great concept, well executed - I wish every week was a Digital Mission to somewhere!” - Anonymous

“Fantastic use of one week in NY - both fun and practically valuable in terms of growing business in US” - Anonymous

“The Digital Mission gave us an unparalleled perspective on the US market in an extremely compact timeframe. We made month's of learning in a week and feel equipped to plan our entry to the US market.” - Anonymous

“Lingo24 benefited tremendously from its first Digital Mission and is hoping to take part in many more. You kill so many birds with one stone that you really want more stones.” - Lingo24

Digital Mission to SXSW 2009

DM SXSW 2009“There is huge value in being part of the Digital Mission group. You meet some fantastic people, make great contacts and more practically you receive their help and support. In addition you have the benefit a much higher profile than you would if you were to go alone.” - Proof HQ