Event Info

Tue 16 Oct, 2007 at 12:00am
St. Martin's Innovation Centre
Procter Street
London, WC1B 4AP, UK



Do you want to start the next Last.fm, Skype or Facebook? This event sponsored by London Westside will be the start of a series of workshops designed to help young web entrepreneurs to get a step closer to success.

Following the ‘GeekBar meet the VC’s‘ events this early evening convention brings together a cross-section of technology VC’s - such as the once who are behind Skype, Last.fm - successful web entrepreneurs and selected start ups.

The event will be an evening for learning about funding options and how to pitch your business idea to VC’s and funders.  Through a mix of presentations, networking sessions and advice clinics participants will be able to form connections and take away ideas on how to grow their business.