Widgety Goodness 2007

Event Info

Thu 6 Dec, 2007 at 9:00am
Corn Exchange
The Dome
Brighton, UK
Cost: £190 / £105 (I'm a believer rate)


On 6th December 2007 Brighton will be host to the first ever European widget conference.

Featuring speakers from major agencies, social networks, widget platforms and media groups, this one day conference will look at the widgetization of content for social networks and its implications for marketers.

Big brands are recognising the huge potential of widgets to deliver their marketing messages and allow consumers to customise their own web experience.

With the explosive growth of social networking, blogging and personal start pages in 2007 set to continue, understanding widgets is now crucial for marketing professionals in brand, media and advertising.

A range of speakers from around the world will provide insight into widget creation, delivery, analytics and SEO. Key players such as Google’s Business Product Manager, Christian Oestlien, are expected to speak along with blogger extraordinaire Russell Davies.

The conference will focus on widget tools and platforms, and commercial applications with real world case studies and panel discussion regarding social networks such as Facebook and MySpace.

Current speaker list (http://widgetygoodness.com/speakers):

Raj Anand, founder & CEO, Kwiqq
Simon Andrews, CSO, Worldwide Mindshare Interaction
Jon Baines, CEO, Lateral
Alex Bard, founder & CEO, goowy media and Yourminis
Anil Batra, Zerodash1 and Webanalysis
Steve Bowbrick, Head of Digital, KMI
Fergus Burns, founder & CEO, Nooked
Mike Butcher, TechCrunch UK
Russell Davies, OpenIntelligenceAgency
Eli Eliezerov, CMO & Co-founder Gigya
Tariq Krim, founder Netvibes
Khris Loux, CEO js-kit
Christian Oestlien, Business Product Manager at Google
Ivan Pope, founder and CEO Snipperoo
Emmanuel Prat, founder Widget Avenue
Hooman Radfar, founder and CEO Clearspring
Ori Soen, CEO Musestorm
Don Synstelien,  Springwidgets

Organiser's blog: http://blog.snipperoo.com