Beers & Innovation 13: Developers & Designers

Event Info

Tue 12 Feb, 2008 at 6:00pm
CC Club
Trocadero Basement, Picadilly
London, UK
Cost: £25


In the old days, the developers made it work and then the designers made it pretty. But that's no longer quite what happens... Come join the thirteenth of our bar-side panel forums for an insight into the future of working in digital.

Developers are becoming more agile, keeping sites in a state of perpetual beta. Features and functionality are changed continually as new ideas emerge and user-testing reveals needs that were not part of the original conception.

At the same time, designers are adopting user-centred approaches - involving themselves more with how a site or service works, its information architecture and usability.

They are starting to inhabit each other's spaces in the production process and sharing responsibilities, in other words. These changing roles would, in an ideal world, lead to creative nirvana. But sadly there's also fairly strong chance that it might lead to disaster - continual arguments, missed deadlines, confused clients and accusations of meddling.

So how can developers and designers at digital and creative agencies work best in this new world? Come and enjoy a beer with luminaries from both sides of the fence and help us thrash out the best solutions.