Thinking Digital

Event Info

Wed 21 May, 2008 at 9:00am
The Sage, Newcastle Gateshead
Newcastle, UK
Cost: Early bird rate: £475 (until Feb 20th 2008) Standard price: £599


The Thinking Digital conference: 21-23 May 2008


Some of the brightest thinkers in technology, new media and mobile will head to North East England from around the world in May to discuss the ideas and technologies that are set to fundamentally alter the way people live, work and play.



Billed as a conference unlike any other in the UK, the conference will take on an eclectic mix of topics with technology at their heart, in a style more similar to the likes of US conferences TED or Pop!Tech.


At the conference, delegates will hear from a range of speakers including key players from some of the world's leading agencies, social networks and media organisations, as well as several controversial figures, such as:


  • Dan Lyons, senior editor of Forbes and the man behind satirical internet sensation, The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs


  • Aubrey de Grey, a maverick biogerentologist who believes it's possible to engineer a cure for ageing


  • Tara Hunt, online marketing pioneer and co-founder of Citizen Agency


  • Mark Selby, vice president, sales and industry collaboration at Nokia


  • Daniel Pink, Al Gore's former speechwriter and author of A Whole New Mind, which charts the rise of right-brain thinking in modern economies


  • Richard Firminger, regional sales director for northern Europe at Yahoo!


  • Sean Phelan, the founder of Multimap


  • And many more…