Game Developers Conference : Paris

Event Info

Mon 23 Jun, 2008 at 9:00am
Coeur Defense
Paris, FR


Paris GDC is the second French edition of the Game Developers Conference, the most important event in the industry.

It will bring together top developers from the European community and abroad, who are eager to share their experience, exchange ideas, and show the latest innovations in current -generation of game development.

Paris GDC is geared towards inspiring a ground-breaking new-generation of developers. The event is structured around core technical expertise, and focuses on state-of-the-art current generation console and PC development, including multi-platform development.

The Conference focuses on Building Great Games: Core and Casual

Learn, Network, Inspire. In our modern world you should learn from the best while connecting with the right people at the right place. Inspiration brings the creativity that leads to innovations and new challenges.