Afternoon Tea Camp

Event Info

Sun 13 Jul, 2008 from 2:00pm - 6:00pm
The Werks
45 Church Road
Hove, BN3 2BE, UK


In true geek style and an excuse to get a bit social comes AfternoonTeaCamp. It’s on the weekend (this Sunday), in the afternoon at The Werks. The idea is that everyone brings something to share and that we can all enjoy each others company.

Being a geek is not essential, though social and good company is.

How is going to work?

1. Bring something related to afternoon tea. E.g tea bags, milk, sandwiches, scones....
2. Sign up on the list where people should say what they are going to bring. (We wouldn't want everyone to bring just milk 'n' tea!)
3. There will be slots for people to give presentations (BarCamp style)
4. Kids are welcome, perhaps they could make something too and show it off.
5. Any sponsors want to help out with costs?

Mark yourself as attending here or stick your name down on the wiki -



afternoon tea camp