Open Music Media Meet no.2

Event Info

Wed 30 Jul, 2008 from 6:00pm - 11:00pm
William IV Pub
7 Sherpardess Walk
London, N1 7QE, UK


If you weren’t lucky enough to be there for our first ever OpenMusicMedia Meet with Anthony Volodkin from HypeMachine, then here is what you can expect:

The OpenMusicMedia Meet is a group that gets together regularly in London to discuss, explore and shape the future of digital music and media. The format is open and everyone is invited. The group serves as a meeting point for people with similar interests and open up conversations between them. Everyone is encouraged to hang around after the discussion to eat and drink. The William IV serves great food!

WHO: A melting pot of label execs, journalists, social media types, digital distributors & retailers, entrepreneurs, music geeks, bloggers and future thinkers. The group is open to anyone who has a professional or personal interest in this space.

For more information about Open Media Music no.2 click here.  



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