Chinwag Live on Tour: Micro Media Maze

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Wed 24 Sep, 2008 from 2:30pm - 3:30pm
Social Media Targeting Theatre, ad:tech 2008, Olympia National Hall, Hammersmith Road,
London, UK
Cost: Free, registration required


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Anything planned for the afternoon of Wednesday 24th September? Fancy sampling some Chinwag Live action at ad:tech London? For the second year running, you can...

Chinwag Live ‘On Tour’ travels to the National Hall at Olympia, where we will be hosting a follow-on session from our popular ‘Micro Media Maze’ panel event held in May.

Moving the debate onwards and upwards, you can quiz our panellists and discuss the issues with them from 3.30-4.30pm in the Social Media / Targeting Theatre.

Our session asks: If micro content is here to stay, how are media owners and marketers adapting to this newly dynamised media consumption culture?

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More on Micro Media Maze

For the digital world it seems micro media is here to stay. From music tracks decoupled from the physical CD, to newspaper articles severed from the website, the same wave has rolled over the blog post, the TV show, the photo, the video, and now the tweet...

Content is being disaggregated into ever smaller pieces, to be syndicated, widgetised and re-aggregated, for multi-platform distribution by both owners and consumers at accelerating speed. Who have been the winners and the losers in this new dynamic media landscape?

How are media owners handling this new media consumption culture? Context and branding work differently in the world of mashups and aggregators. Do they need to embrace the possible lack of control for an opportunity to reach and connect with their audience?

In turn, is this explosion of micro-content a recipe for meltdown, with information overload and competing "me-too" platforms delivering little but dumb aggregation, leading ultimately to confusion and a headache?

Where now does the balance of the power of influence lie, is content still king, or is it the ‘messenger’? How does ad spend now adapt to consumer driven distribution?

Join us at Ad:tech London 2008 to explore how the micro content landscape is impacting digital marketing, brands and business.


Umair Haque - Director, Havas Media Lab / Bubblegeneration
Umair heads up the Havas Media Lab, a new kind of strategic advisor that helps investors, entrepreneurs, and firms experiment with, craft and drive radical management, business models, and strategic innovation. Prior to Havas, Umair founded Bubblegeneration, an agenda-setting advisory boutique that helped shape the strategies of investors, entrepreneurs, and blue chip companies across media and consumer industries. Bubblegeneration’s work has been recognised by publications like Wired, Red Herring, Business 2.0, and BusinessWeek, and in Chris Anderson’s Long Tail, to which Umair was a contributor. He also blogs as a discussion leader at Harvard Business Online.

Miles Lewis - SVP, European Advertising Sales, Last.FM
Miles launched his career in the communications business in 1988. Experience gained across major magazine publishers Haymarket, IPC Media and National Magazine Company offered AOL (UK) Ltd the opportunity to formally launch an agency commercial team in 2001. Miles joined as Head of Agency Sales. Five years on, having experienced the sale of AOL Europe to Time Warner, the launch of AOL’s portal and resided over the growth of the team from 3 to 12, Blake Chandlee (now at Facebook UK) brought Miles into Yahoo!’s UK and Ireland operation to lead the newly merged agency sales function. Then in July 2007 CBS's came knocking and now Miles is charged with the strategy, direction and monetisation of across EMEA and the Asia Pac territories.

Nick Halstead – CEO and Founder,
Nick has been in software development for over 15 years running multi-million budget projects for some of the biggest development studios in the UK. His first startup in the web 2.0 space ( has generated a frenzy of tech-media coverage for its innovative approach to bringing the blogosphere out into the mass market. Nick is an avid blogger and has built up a large technical following. He is very active on the London web scene where he evangelises data portability, Twitter and all that is cutting edge in the space.

Ivan Pope - CEO & Founder, Snipperoo
Ivan Pope is an Internet industry veteran, having founded the The World Wide Web Newsletter in 1994, the UK’s first web development agency Webmedia in 1994, domain name registrar NetNames in 1997 and widget management company, Snipperoo in 2006. He is a blogger and authority on the subject of web widgets. On 6 December 2007 he created Europe’s first conference in digital Brighton dedicated to web widgets - known as Widgety Goodness. He has since organised WidgetWebExpo's in New York and now in London (6-7th October 2008).

CHAIR: Steve Bowbrick
Steve is one of Britain's most experienced Internet managers and entrepreneurs. A fifteen year veteran of boom and bust, of web site design, online marketing, technology strategy, capital raising and people management. Steve advises media owners (Channel 4 and the BBC), startups ( and consumer brands (King of Shaves) about social media and digital strategy.

Event produced by Deirdre Molloy and Julia Eilon.



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