Manchester Digital Shorts

Event Info

Wed 4 Feb, 2009 at 12:00am
The Printworks
Withy Grove
Manchester, M4 2BS, UK
Cost: £35 ex VAT


Two years ago Ian Jindal called "downturn" in Manchester while reviewing the e-commerce prospects for 2007. This time, Ian will cover some developments that are more upbeat and which will gain traction a little sooner than two years

Topics included:

Christmas trading results - winners, losers and lessons for e-commerce in 2009
Reprise of data, metadata and mashups - where did all the Web2.0 promise go?
Discussion of the new economic models that could emerge from behavioural and "attention" metadata - the 'attention economy'?
A proposed model to consider and anticipate networked data interaction - phenomena and epiphenomena

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