Mobile Monday: Financing your business in a credit crunch

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Mon 20 Apr, 2009 at 12:00am
TBC - Central London
London, UK



  • Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009
  • Time: 6:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Location: tbc - Central London   

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The Digital Communications Knowledge Transfer Network in association with Mobile Monday London presents 'How to finance your business in a credit crunch'. Doors open at 6pm for a 6.30pm start on Monday 20th April. There will be short presentations and a panel session representing all aspects of the financial value chain from VC through Angel Investor to Entrepreneurs and more. We also have a few surprises up our sleeve to stimulate the debate.

We're in a credit crunch but that doesn't mean that you can't still be successful in these challenging times. This is your chance to get your finance questions answered. We aim to answer questions relevant to businesses at all stages in their growth, from start-up to grown-up. This is your chance to find out:

Is it impossible to get finance right now? What are the options open to a mobile business? Should I move my business to the US to have better chance of finance? What's the reality when you sell to a corporate? What are the Government sponsored opportunities available? What are investors looking for right now? How do I make sure that my valuation isn't diluted? Are banks really able to help? How long will the credit crunch last? What is value in this day and age? Is there still money to be made in the mobile industry and if so in which sectors? Which corporates and network operators are investing in smaller businesses? Are competitions and grants worth the effort? Is a merger or acquisition more hassle than it's worth?

It should be a lively panel and there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and contribute to the discussion. Some of our experts in the room will also be running surgery sessions during the networking that follows. Here you will be able to get more in-depth advice on a one-to-one basis, discuss your specific next steps and, based on your business needs, find out which programmes and pathways are worth pursuing

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Food and drinks will be served at the event courtesy of the Digital Communications KTN. We will be confirming our venue, speakers, panellists and surgery sessions shortly.

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