media140 microblogging event: “Discuss and debate the future of realtime news”

Event Info

Wed 20 May, 2009 at 1:00pm
Iris Digital
185 Park Street
SE1 9DY, UK (Map)
Cost: £35-£45


The event will bring together journalists, bloggers, social media advocates and publishers to share and discuss the effects and impact of twitter and other social media tools on mainstream media.

It will feature a mixture of case studies and quickfire panel discussions from an eclectic mix of journalists, bloggers, commentators and technologists from The Times, Guardian, Reuters, BBC, Sky News, and Frontline Club.

Some of the topics for the event will include:

- is microblogging and twitter really a news ‘game changer’?
- how will microblogging change traditional local news sourcing and distribution?
- tools of the trade, what works and what doesn’t?
- case studies on microblogging: Afganistan, US Elections, Olympics and Iraq




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